How UK Top Tradesmen works

How UK Top Tradesmen works for job posters

It’s simple. Create an account, provide us with your details and fill out the criteria as accurately as you can and await the tradespeople to declare their interest. Then it’s up to you to create a shortlist of favourable applicants!

How UK Top Tradesmen works for tradespeople

Once you’ve created an account, and it’s been approved through valid references and documentation, we’ll send you leads on jobs that we think you’ll be interested in. If you like the sound of the job, you can express your interest and hope to be shortlisted.

Job Posters

  • How long can I expect to wait for a tradesperson to show an interest?

    This is entirely down to the job description, the rough budget you’ve set, the location and the time frame set, alongside the data-base of tradespeople with the skill-set in your area.

    If the offer looks attractive when the tradespeople are notified, they should declare an interest.

  • How much do UK Top Tradesmen charge job posters?

    Nothing at all. It’s free to create an account and become a member of our community.

  • What happens once the job is finalised?

    If negotiations are successful and a job is completed, normal procedures between customer and trade apply. It will be then up to you to review the service provided. No further intervention is needed from us. The only time we get involved is to pass on customer details to the necessary tradespeople.

  • What happens once I’ve chosen my shortlist?

    Once you have shortlisted those who have shown an interest in your job (maximum 6), we will provide the tradesmen with your contact details and prompt them to make contact regarding the job at hand. Alternatively, you could reach out to them first.

  • What happens when my account is live?

    You can begin to post jobs. Filling out the criteria and posting your job will automatically notify tradesmen with the necessary skill-set and correct location. From here it’s down to the tradespeople to show an initial interest and then for you to shortlist your favourite candidates based on profiles and ratings.


  • What am I paying UK Top Tradesmen for?

    Essentially, you’re paying for leads you may not have acquired otherwise. Like any lead, it isn’t a guarantee. However, with persistence and a solid trustworthy profile, the more leads you will receive, the more shortlists you will make and the more jobs you will win. With better ratings comes better work.

  • Do UK Top Tradesmen credit to refund?

    Unfortunately, not. It’s not logical. It would mean that we’d have to put our shortlist fees up to manage all the administration.

  • Do job posters know that tradesmen pay shortlist fees?

    No. This would only result in less jobs being posted by genuine people. We ask all our customers to be mindful of a tradesperson’s time and not to waste it unnecessarily.

  • When can I expect to win a job?

    Winning anything will always take hard work, effort and a little patience. That’s why we encourage our tradesmen to complete an entire profile, making it as appealing as possible. After that, building a solid reputation alongside good reviews will build trust, helping you to win more jobs.

  • How many tradesmen get shortlisted for each job?

    That’s entirely down to the customer, although it is sensibly capped at a maximum of 6 tradesmen. Also, we do expect our customers to shortlist responsibly based upon a tradesperson’s profile and rating.

  • How do UK Top Tradesmen price leads?

    We allow our customers to determine a rough budget for each job. From that budget, the best fit price will be generated from our price guide. This, along with the job description and location, will generate leads to the worthy tradespeople. Note that unrealistic budget’s will be declined and that negotiations can be held if shortlisted.

  • How much does UK Top Tradesmen charge?

    Our price guide accurately determines a fee based upon the customer’s estimation. The fees range from £5 to £36+VAT, and that’s it. There are no joining fees or membership fees to worry about.

  • How do you go about getting the job?

    First, you need to show your interest. Then, if the customer does shortlist you, we’ll give you access to their contact details for you to contact them and quote for work in hope of winning the job by selling yourself and your services. It’s a this point you will be charged the shortlist fee. The better you are at your trade, the better reviews you’ll get and the more work you’ll win!

  • What happens when my account has been verified?

    You’ll be notified and be able to begin filling out your profile. The more detailed, the better.

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